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Animation Celebration Fest

An international event for fans of animated films!

June 13th | World Wide Online

Due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions, and with permission from the filmmakers,
we will be streaming our festival online.

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Animation Celebration Fest brings together filmmakers and fans for a day of sharing our love for animation. The event includes screenings, animator interviews, question and answer sessions, experimental exhibits, and more.

Join us on Saturday, June 13th.
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Film Festival Theater Audience

Animation Celebration Fest 2020 Interviews

More speakers to be added soon!

Bill Plympton

Bill Plympton

Oscar Nominated Filmmaker and Animator

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Jason Love

Jason Love

YouTube Educator and Filmmaker 

Saturday, June 13, 2020
Animation Celebration Fest Schedule

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All times are listed in Central Standard Time (CST).

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm  

Bill Plympton Interview
[Recorded April 25, 2020]

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm  

"Sita Sings the Blues"
by Nina Paley

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm  

-The Remainers - House
Jason Joel

-Magic of Science
Directed by Isaac Chun
and Ethan Wellins

Directed by
Lucy Hirst

Directed by Casey Kolodin

-Monkey & the Engineer
by Glen Kelly

-The Amulet
Directed by
Isaiah Malnory-Brown

-Save a Breath
Directed by
Sahil Jamwal

-Eggimation! #9 Ninja Egg Episode 01
(An Original Animation)
Douglas Chew

-La Vieille Dame
Directed by
Samuel Miralles

-Off The Deep End
Directed by
Briannah Berg
Christina Barclay

-The Gap
by Jason Love

-In the Forest
Directed by
Larry Chang

-Big Bark
Directed by
Casey Kolodin

-Social Distance
by Andrew Wilson

-Wing It
Directed by Jillian Lucia
& Brendan Arena

-Nukey The Nuke-Boy
by Demetrios Tzamaras

Directed by Scott Farrell

-Eggimation! #7 Slimegg!
(A Ghostbusters Parody)
Douglas Chew

-In Camus' Shoes
Directed by John Akre

Directed by
Aimee Uehara

-Frank Film
Frank Mouris
producer: Caroline Ahlfors Mouris
sound: Tony Schwartz
Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive

-I Want to Know Everything About You
(That isn't Upsetting)
by Mark Peterson

-Madman of Magic Trailer
by Jason Love

-Thank you to the
Racine Creative Center

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

-The Encounter
Directed by Thomas DeCarlo

Gary Schwartz

Directed by
barzan rostami

-The Focus Group
by Hausriot

-Quarantine Conversations 01: Objects at Rest
Directed by
Lumi Barron

-Quetzalcoatlus in: Vicious Cretaceous Commotion!
Directed by
Jack Nop

-Eggimation #3 Egg Fighter!
(A Street Fighter Parody)
Douglas Chew

-The Walk To Obon
Directed by Jeanette Fantone

-Exegesis on “Genesis from the Spirit”
Directed by
Brin Gordon

-Is That You, Joe?
Directed by Dustin Romero

-Submerge: Krag Conquest
Directed by Tobias John

-Isolation in 2020

-Eggimation! #8 The Egginator!
(A Terminator Parody)
Douglas Chew

-My Hometown
Directed by
Lumi Barron

-Squirts the talking Pink Eye
Aaron Brigman

Directed by
Pat Moriarity
and Seth Ziechner

-Sugar Stems
"We Only Come Out at Night"
by Mark Peterson

-Breaking Brown
by Glen Kelly

-90 Day Wondering
[Government Film]

-Daffy Duck & the Dinosaur
directed by Chuck Jones
[Public Domain]
Warner Bros.

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm  

Interviews with the Animators

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Vintage Fleischer Animated Films

Join us for an amazing day of celebrating animation!

Enjoy 30+ animated films along with interviews with their creators,
for over 8 hours of entertainment.


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This film festival is supported in part by a grant from the Racine Arts Council's ArtSeed Grant Program, funded by Real Racine, and the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin.